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Skyhawks Contra Costa, SuperTots Contra Costa, Pack Football and Sideline Fitness all contribute help in rescuing dogs from local shelters. These companies work together to raise money for this non-profit through their high quality youth and adult camps, clinics, classes, leagues, tournaments, and special events. A proceed of each registrations  and donations go towards hitting the Play For A Stray Rescue Benchmark of $50,000. Every time we hit our Benchmark, we rescue a dog from a local shelter and bring it back to the P4AS Ranch to live out the rest of their lives in K-9 Paradise. 



Helping Kids find a PASSION FOR SPOrTS 

Coach Billy Bob

coach // owner

Billy Goldstein


Billy Goldstein has been with Skyhawks since February 2012 and is the first Skyhawks Area Manager turned franchise owner. Growing up in the Bay Area, Billy began his lifelong passion for sports at the age of 3. Billy’s favorite childhood sports were baseball, basketball, tennis and football. At the age of 13, Billy received his first job with a Parks and Recreation department, which he is still active in today. While in high-school, Billy developed a love for the sport of Rugby which he continued to play at a collegiate level, while pursuing a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from San Diego State University. Billy works closely with youth sports organizations by coordinating a non-profit youth rugby league in the San Diego area. When he’s not working, Billy can be found playing pick-up games, going on adventures with his dogs and cheering for his beloved 49ers, Giants and Warriors.

coach // HR Manager

Hunter Clement


Coach Maui’s Background

● Master Level Personal Trainer ○ Specializations: (Corrective Exercise Specialist, Lifespan Coach, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, Transformation Specialist, General Personal Training)

● CSUS: BS Nutrition, Minor Coaching

● CSUS Barbell Club President (100+ members)

● Collegiate Athlete

● Highschool Defending Champion Team Captain

● Play For A Stray Golden( Top Rated Camp) Award

● Creator of 300 Wellness ( A free health educational brand)

● Work Experience in personal training, childcare, sports coaching, health supplementation, health education, entrepreneurship and nutrition!

● Coaching experience in soccer, baseball, flag football, volleyball, track and field, basketball ○ Additional experience in lacrosse, rowing, tennis

● 15+ Certifications in General Health, Personal Training, Nutrition, and Leadership

About Coach Maui:

Named Coach Maui as he came straight from Maui Hawaii, he is one of our loudest, silliest coaches we have, going out of his way to always bring a smile and laugh to all with his energy, wild voice, and decent jokes which sometimes are funny and sometimes are good enough to at least fake laugh at. Coach Maui attributes most of his life accomplishments based on the road that was paved by all the positive role models, and coaches he had growing up. He feels his awesome sports coaches led him down the road he took in what he studied in college along with various professional certifications around health, fitness, and nutrition which allowed him to have a very well rounded educational background in all things health. Now with his education and personality he can use it to enhance the athletes of tomorrow, by giving young athletes the most fun time ever, and helping older athletes maximize their performance to be the best versions of themselves. He also feels the adults that gave him positive life lessons and leadership roles at a young age, such as 6th grader soccer captain etc, gave him the confidence to pursue leadership when he got older leading to being captain of his highschool soccer team, President of his college Barbell club, and having a leadership role professionally as the HR Director at Play For A Stray. Due to this Coach Maui, looks to be that positive role model for the kids, to set them on the right path the same way the positive role models and coaches he had, had done for him. As Coach Maui feels that when kids are given amazing experiences and opportunities mixed in with life changing life lessons at a young age, that it can snowball into something amazing that can carry them onto a path of happiness, success, and greatness through their adult life.

Coach Maui

Coach Yoshi

coach // Director Of Operations

Danielle Land


Coach Yoshi has been with us since June 2020. She was born and raised in the East Bay and grew up playing competitive soccer and basketball. She graduated from Gonzaga University in 2019 with a degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education. Prior to joining the Skyhawks team, she worked with a top 25 ranked basketball team, wheelchair basketball athletes, middle school athletes, toddlers in sports, professional basketball players, and helped teach kids with developmental disabilities how to play ice hockey. She returned to California in 2019 and began working as a personal trainer and high school basketball coach before realizing her real passion was in youth sports. She loves teaching and playing sports with kids of all ages. In her free time, she can be found at the golf course, relaxing at the lake, going to country concerts, or watching any sports game. 

coach // Marketing manager

Karly Fountain



Coach Koko (on the left), former Skyhawks Intern, and recent Kinesiology Graduate from Cal State East Bay, has been apart of the Play For A Stray Team since the fall of 2020. She began playing sports at a very young age. If the activity involved a sports ball she was playing it. Though she enjoys coaching all sports Coach Koko specializes in Volleyball, Basketball & Soccer for youth ranging from 2-12 years of age.

Dale Carnegie once said, “People rarely succeed unless they have FUN in what they are doing.” That’s why I coach! -Coach Koko   

Coach Koko

Billy Bob


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