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Your child’s passion for sports can help rescue a dog.

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You Play…we rescue a Stray!  The Play For A Stray Rescue Fund is comprised of donations, merchandise sales, sponsorships, and fundraisers.  We use the money in this fund to rescue dogs in need from shelters and transport them to one of our partnering rescues along with a check for $2,500 to cover the costs of the dogs boarding, training/rehabilitation, vet bills, supplies, and readoption.  You can help support our rescue fund by making a donation, shopping on our online store, or marking your calendar for one of our upcoming fundraising events.

Rescue Fund


$2500 rescues a dog!


August 21st from 11am-3pm

Del Rey Elementary School

25 El Camino Maraga, Orinda, CA

To help build the excitement, participants may enter to win a 3-night stay in Tahoe at this 3 bedroom Airbnb! This cabin is across the street from a dog-friendly beach, famous Garwoods restaurant and pier, 10 minutes from the amazing Northstar ski resort, and walking distance to Tahoe National Forest.


Recent transactions leading to more dog rescues!

July 20 $78 Merch Sales
July 20 $95 Donations
July 27 $14.65 Merch Sales
July 27 $500 Donations
August 4 $48.86

Merch Sales

August 4 $580 Donations
August 4 $2500 Sponsorship
August 4 -$2500 Lolly Rescue!

You have already given these dogs a second chance at life.











Let’s Keep it Going!

Learn . Play . Rescue

Play For A Stray is a Dual-Purpose Public Charity in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties:

  • The Prevention of Animal Cruelty
  • The Promotion of Youth Athletics

Through program registrations, donations, fundraisers, and sponsorships, we raise money to:

  • Rescue dogs from kill shelters
  • Provide free sports programming for kids in need

The Prevention of Animal Cruelty

Play For A Stray’s Dog Rescue division raises money through sports registrations, donations, fundraisers, grants, and sponsorships, to rescue dogs in need from local shelters.  We transfer our rescue dogs to our in-house or partnering rescues, along with a check for $2,500 to cover the cost of vet bills, fostering/boarding, feeding, training/rehabilitating, and re-adoption. 

The Promotion of Youth Athletics

Play For A Stray offers marketing, registration, fundraising, and small business services to our family of youth sports companies.  When you register for any youth sports program listed on our website, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting our dog rescue mission.  The Play For A Stray Sports Family offers a variety of sports programs for kids ages 2-17 including: Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Capture the Ball, Cricket, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Fitness/Performance, Futsal, Pickleball, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Ultimate Disc, and Multi-Sport.  We work with community organizations, private donors, and local business to ensure that no child is left on the sideline.

With Play For A Stray, making a difference has never been so much fun!  

Meet the Play For A Stray Family

Skyhawks ContraCosta

Skyhawks Contra Costa runs a variety of sport specific and multi-sport programs for kids ages 4-14 in Antioch, Brentwood, Concord, Danville, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, Orinda, Piedmont, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek. With Skyhawks Contra Costa kids of all abilities can develop their skills, confidence, and passion for athletics in a positive environment with lots of encouragement and a big focus on fun!

SuperTots ContraCosta

SuperTots Contra Costa runs a variety of classes and enrichment programs for kids ages 18-months to 5-years in Antioch, Brentwood, Concord, Danville, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, Orinda, Piedmont, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek. SuperTots sports include 1stDownTots, BaseballTots, CheerTots, HoopsterTots, SoccerTots, Volleykats, and SuperTots Sports Medley.

Pack Sports

Offers a variety of youth sports programming for kids ages 2-17 including Baseball, Basketball, Cheer & Dance, Cricket, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Futsal, Pickleball, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field, Ultimate Disc, Volleyball, and Sports Medley. From recreational to recruitment, Pack Sports has a program for everyone!

Pack Football

The East Bay’s Flag Football Club.  Our Club Team’s participate in local recreational leagues, regional club play, and national tournaments.  Our Flag programs are perfect for beginners looking for a positive introduction to the exciting game of Flag Football.  Intermediate players looking to take the next step in their Football Careers.  Advanced players looking to compete at the highest level.  And anyone looking to get outside, get some exercise, ad play with their friends. We are all stronger as a Pack!

Sideline Fitness

Parent companion classes that run side by side with the Skyhawks, SuperTots, and Pack Sports programs to stay fit while watching your child’s sports activities. Parents: get moving on the Sideline!

Small Business Solutions

Help entrepreneurs in the fitness, youth sports, recreation, and entertainment industries grow, manage, and streamline their business services. P4AS offers Small Business Solutions for sales, marketing, HR, IT finance, legal, customer service, business development, registration management, and more.

Meet the Dog Rescue Family

Rubicon Husky Rescue

We rescue huskies, and husky mixes, and bring them back to our Rubicon Husky Ranch in Georgetown, CA.  Using our S.L.E.D. system, Rubicon Husky Rescue meets the high physical and mental demands of these working dogs to re-habilitate them for readoption.


Huskies are Pack animals and will not be happy until they have acquired the Socialization skills necessary to live with other dogs as part of a Pack.


Huskies are very smart, although stubborn, dogs that need to be mentally simulated.  Huskies may be one of the more difficult breeds to teach obedience, but we believe these dogs can LEARN to be good obedient pets with the right training regiment and daily routine.


A good Husky is a Tired Husky.  Huskies are working dogs that need lots of exercise, end of story.  The good news is, Huskies are bred to pull, so with the right training they can achieve their exercise requirements in a fun and enrichment way with their human companions.  We teach our Rescue Huskies how fulfill their breed purpose by teaching them how to MUSH.


Finding a forever home for a husky takes dedication and doesn’t end when the dog is adopted.  We continue to work with our adopting families to ensure they, and their husky, are thriving in their new situations.  We make sure families know how to safely and effectively MUSH their Huskies, whether with a bike, scooter, roller blades, cart, sled, etc., and can continue with the obedience training to ensure the husky understands their place in the new family Pack.

And the Other Dog Rescue Family Members Coming Soon…

Valhalla Dog Sanctuary

Our 100-acre Montana Property is a K9 paradise for our Northern Breed Rescue Dogs without a home. Most Northern Dog Breeds are highly intelligent working dogs that do not make great pets due to their high-demand lifestyle. These amazing dogs demand lots of mental and physical simulation which can be difficult to fulfill for many families. As a result, northern breeds often find themselves in shelters where they find themselves on euthanasia lists due to high-energy and kennel frustration. Northern breeds do not do well in captivity. Valhalla Sanctuary was created to a forever home for the rescue dogs that we don’t think are a good fit for readoption.

Wag till the End Senior Dog Sanctuary

Local shelters are filled with senior dogs whose owners no longer have the time, money, or interest, to care for these lifelong companions.  Due to shorter life expectancy and unknown veterinary costs, senior dogs, especially those with medical problems and/or disabilities, have a much greater chance of ending up on the euthanasia list than younger dogs.  We believe that these loyal seniors make great household pets due to their calm demeanor and loving personality.  Those we cannot find homes for will live out the rest of their days with all the love they support from our staff and volunteers at the sanctuary. 

Senior dogs, especially those with medical problems or disabilities, face a much greater chance of euthanasia at shelters.

2nd Chance Dog Rescue

When a shelter gets overcrowded, or a dog become so frustrated in a shelter that a handler can no longer safely take them out of their kennel, they find themselves on the Euthanasia list. 2nd Chance Dog Rescue takes these unadoptable Death Row dogs and brings them back to our rehab facility where they get all the love, attention, and professional help to get a 2nd chance at life. Once they have destressed from kennel life, they enter a P4AS-U program where they get socialized and trained for readoption, or to be transferred to one of our sanctuaries.

Fur Get Me Not
Special Needs Dog Rescue

This rescue is dedicated for rescuing dogs with special needs including dogs with physical disabilities, chronic medical conditions, or behavioral issues that require ongoing vigilance or special care to manage. Our expert staff work with these special needs dogs and determine whether they are fit for adoption or to be transferred to a forever home. Dogs that are not fit for either will stay at our Fur Get Me Not facility.

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